The Website Is Nothing

without a proper integration — an advertising campaign — a working business model — a regular support — daily hard work it is just a waste of money

  • WordPress-based Websites

    Over 455 million websites use WordPress. We can build a fast, high-quality WordPress-based website from scratch or improve the existing one.
  • WooCommerce

    Zoho → WooCommerce Integration

    Zoho Finance (Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory, respectively) are the popular cloud-based applications for accounting and inventory management. We can make your WooCommerce catalog managed within Zoho Books. Very convenient.
  • Zoho + WordPress Integration

    A good website is an integrated website. As an Authorized Zoho Consulting Partner, we can integrate your WordPress website with the Zoho ecosystem.
  • Shopify® eCommerce Solutions

    Shopify® e-Commerce Solutions

    You know it’s big but how big? With a market share of 10.98% (2020) Shopify is the fastest and the most convenient way to sell online. In the basic configuration, the Shopify Store can be deployed in a day.
  • Need Anything Else? Ask Us

    Drop us an email or call (833) 880-2387. We do not claim that we do everything, but we are good at what we do.

Coming Up

These projects are completed, we just have no time to write the case studies:

Zorbas Nutrition e-Commerce Website

Zorbas Nutrition

A Shopify®-based e-commerce website for the nutritional supplements, manufacturer.

Website for the fitness center

WordPress Integration With MINDBODY®

DZ BootCamp is a fitness center located in Streamwood, Illinois. We have developed a WordPress website, which is integrated with MINDBODY for the seamless lead and membership management.

A Plus Electric Motor Repair, Inc. Website

Electric Motor Repair Business Website

An excellent example of integration between Zoho One and WordPress. The website for A Plus Electric Motor Repair, Inc. provides outstanding capabilities in terms of lead management and automatic online catalog updates.

A Website for CNC Repair Company

A Website for CNC Repair Company

A WordPress-based business website for Lakeside CNC Group, Inc.,  an industrial automation company from Bensenville, Illinois. The main advantage of this website is that it is tightly integrated with Zoho One. 

5 Web Design Myths

The website does not generate lids by the fact of its existence. Unfortunately, these times are gone.  There are millions of websites, and unless you offer something extremely rare and demanded, you will have to invest in your brand a significant amount of your time and money. The website is just the tip of the iceberg. However, you have to have one: a business without a business website cannot exist. 

Since the rising of the smartphones we, the designers and developers, are supposed to make the websites responsive and mobile-friendly. By default. The majority of the commercial-grade WordPress Themes has a responsive design and mobile-friendly layout capability out of the box.

Obviously, from time to time it needs some TLC, but generally, it is done by default.

By the  way, test your website for mobile compatibility. Ask us if the test shows any problems, we will see what we can do.

Yes and no. On the one hand, we actually do the design. On the other hand, in 99% cases we don’t do this from scratch anymore. For years, the majority of the mid-range business websites uses the WordPress. The WordPress market share (2020) as high as 35%, representing a whopping 63.1% of the CMS market.

WordPress has the Themes. A WordPress Theme changes the design and layout of your website. When the web design company says “we design”, it usually means “we select the appropriate WordPress Theme and use it as a framework (what?) to build the design on that Theme, meeting the customer’s requirements“. Of course, there many projects are being designed from scratch. However, the market is dominated by the standardized solutions. 

That approach is a mutually beneficial one. The developer speeds up the process, making the solution affordable for the majority of customers. The customer gets a standard platform, avoiding being handcuffed to the particular developer. A win-win situation. 

The truth is that even the beginner can build a relatively good website with a commercial-grade WordPress theme. It will be slow, the information architecture will be far from perfect, but it will do the job… for a while. Give the same Theme to the processionals, and you will get a terrific result: like everywhere else, in web design the devil is in the details.

The same principles apply to any web and e-Commerce (high five, Shopify!) platform. 

Technically that is correct. Anybody familiar with the web can deploy a website. The thing is that the website is not just an IT product. It is a pinnacle of the multidisciplinary knowledge. 

The most challenging task for us is to understand the way your business works. This is what you are paying for, and this consumes the most of our time. No one can build a good business website without clear understanding of the underlying business processes. 

That is the reason why many websites are useless for their owners. They just hovering in the virtual air, having no connection to the real customers and real business situation. That “Guys, I want this picture on that page” approach. 

That offer should read as follows: “We run a series of the automated online tests on your website to generate a simple report”. While it is a good thing, it is not even close to the real audit. 

The real website audit takes hours and it is closely related to the way your business works. We can detect the basic technical issues, such as low speed, SEO glitches like “multiple H1 tags on a single page”, etc. 

But do you care? If the website generates the revenue, then yes, it would be nice to fix the speed to increase the conversion rate. But if it is not the case, having the light-speed readings at GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insights won’t make the business website owner happy. 

That is why we do not offer “free website audit”. 

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