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 We consult on Zoho platform, we customize it to follow your business rules, and we advise and set up many of the terrific Zoho applications to make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Need a thoughtful, comprehensive implementation with many iterations, flowcharts, and re-designed business processes for many employees? A fortiori, we can talk about the business.

If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.

Zoho Implementation Service, Explained

Short Explanation

Upon your request, we analyze your business and its processes through a series of consultations to see what we can do for you. That analysis is free. Then we choose the Zoho software that can be used in your business, roll out the budget proposal, sign the agreement and begin to work.

Slightly Longer Explanation

We want to provide the right solution for our customer’s business rather than maximize the number of solutions we can implement. You know, Zoho offers 57 applications. And you don’t need all of them. After all, was your business working before that idea to “get automated”? Sure thing. But there are ways to improve.

The implementation service, as we see it, is a slow and thoughtful process. There is no rush. Here are the simplified CRM implementation process steps:

In a few words, we learn from you on how your business is currently working, and offer the business software to eliminate the existing bottlenecks. It could be any of Zoho products, or a new website, or a PPC marketing campaign, or all together.

Table of Contents

Understanding the customer’s overall business is the most important aspect of consulting.

1. Discovery Stage

After receiving your request (you can make one right now to see how does it work), we analyze your business to see if we could be of any help. That step is free of charge: unlike most competitors, we don’t bill you for the preliminary stage. In the normal situation, that stage includes at least one on-site meeting, but today, while many of the businesses are on lock-down, it will be a series of emails or phone/chat sessions.

Some of the common examples:

  • “Our website doesn’t generate much revenue”, or
  • “I need to make my billing department to work remotely”, or
  • “We have multiple customers with overdue accounts”, or
  • “We need to start selling our goods online”.
  • Tell us what your goals are!

2. Problem Identification Stage

As you set out the vision of your business, we will prioritize each of the known issues to establish a logical order for resolving them. The categorization will help us to identify the right solution for the nature of the problem that your business is facing.

For example, support or repair order management issues can be resolved with Zoho Desk, human resource management can be streamlined using Zoho People, and the number of customers with past due accounts will be significantly lower with Zoho Books and its online payment gateways.

3. Rollout Plan

For the big cases we prepare the comprehensive rollout plan with the project milestones and deadlines. In simpler cases it will be a proposal that outlines the license cost and the associated implementation and customization work. We also determine what business processes in your organization can be automated and suggest the changes if we see that there is a room  for improvement.

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At this point we sign an agreement through Zoho Sign

4. Implementation Stage

Once you sign up for Zoho Platform (or we create a Zoho account for you, just ask), we will set up your Organization in Zoho’s realm. We initiate the license purchases, create the accounts for all the users and tune the purchased software in accordance to your business processes and company requirements.

If applicable, Zoho applications will be integrated with your WordPress-based website and with other software platforms that you are using. If you change the horses completely (for example, you retire QuickBooks and switch to Zoho Books), the existing data will be carefully migrated into the new software without any loss.

5. Employee Training Stage

Every employee in the organization will require a clear understanding of the nature of the changes that come with the business automation. Once the solutions are implemented, it is crucial to define roles, responsibilities, and permissions for everyone in the organization.

Zoho is very easy to use and has a great UI, so we never had any problems with employee training. It doesn’t require hours.

We offer on-site training sessions for the customers within 50 miles range from Deerfield, IL and unlimited support through email, chat, and our Zoho Desk.

6. Progress Monitoring Stage

Zoho Implementation service, especially if we were implementing the CRM, changes the whole fabric of the business, redefining the business processes and making the people follow the rules. We’ll be in contact with the stakeholders and employees to make sure that everything is working flawlessly and all your expectations are met. It assumes frequent follow-ups or monthly meetings to see if what else can be improved.

We also offer affordable support contracts for Zoho and website management.

It is not that complicated, though
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