Dmitry Skylark, Zoho Consulting Partner at United Parts of Chicago

Dmitry Skylark:
Proud to Be a Zoho Partner

Academic Experience

There’s no such thing as “pure IT.” Information technology is an applied discipline by definition. I realized that when I got my Master’s in Robotics in 1996 and spent three more years at the same university as an Assistant Instructor in Computer Science, pursuing a Doctoral simultaneously. So I decided that an academic career was not my cup of tea, and I changed the course into the rough seas of the IT business.

United Parts of Chicago

Since transitioning from the educational field, I have dedicated myself to pursuing my passion for doing more for less time: business automation. In 2004, following the dot-com bubble, I successfully started my first startup, a digital agency. This venture continued to thrive and engage my co-founders until 2013, when I made the decision to relocate to Illinois, thereby parting ways with my esteemed colleagues. Even today, they still work independently under the same brand, which fills me with pride. In 2014, United Parts of Chicago embarked on its entrepreneurial journey.

Zoho Advanced Partner

With the emergence of Zoho as a prominent player on the competitive CRM market, I eagerly tested its potential across multiple projects. The platform immediately captured my attention with its impressive capabilities. In 2017, United Parts of Chicago became an Authorized Zoho Partner following several successful implementations, particularly with Zoho One.

Through these implementations, we have transformed how businesses operate by streamlining their processes, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and relying on human memory for communication. 

To showcase the transformative power of Zoho, I have curated a collection of notable use cases, which can be explored in our “Case Studies” section. Zoho itself has highlighted our successful implementations:

I am proud to have played a role in highlighting the immense value and effectiveness of Zoho’s solutions through practical, real-world examples. As an Advanced Zoho Partner, I am committed to helping businesses unlock their full potential with the power of the Zoho platform.

I Know the Score

With my academic background, I am equipped to provide fast and effective training for your employees, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills efficiently and confidently.

As a business owner, I deeply understand the challenges and aspirations of fellow entrepreneurs. I welcome discerning customers who value education and have a clear understanding of the value they receive for their investment. I believe that successful IT solutions require collaboration and open communication, and I invite you to embark on this journey with us.

There is no “magic button” that instantly resolves all challenges, but together, we can navigate the path to success. Let us join forces and make your business thrive.

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