United Parts of Chicago is an Authorized Zoho Partner in Illinois, Chicago metropolitan area (but some prefer Bedford, New Hampshire). We transform businesses by implementing industry-grade software platforms: Zoho, Shopify, and Monday.com utilizing Agile methodology and 75 years of combined IT experience.

Drew Podwal


Director of Client Engagement and Solution Architect
Eugene Glukhov


Partner, Telephony and CRM


System & Software Engineer
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Account Manager
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Google Ads Strategist

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Chris Dessi
Chris Dessi
Chief Revenue Officer, Diamond Standard
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Dmitry has been a game-changer for Diamond Standard. In the two years that we've been working together, he has proven to be an invaluable asset, helping us to expand our usage of Zoho apps from just one to an impressive 14.

He has a remarkable eye for detail and never lets anything slip through the cracks, making him the most diligent executive I've had the pleasure of working with in my 25 years in the industry.

His calm and friendly demeanor has made him a joy to work with, and we've formed a strong friendship over time. He has been instrumental in helping us navigate the challenges that arise in any growing business, and his dedication to our success has been evident in everything he does. I wholeheartedly recommend Dmitry to anyone looking for a reliable and competent partner. He has been an integral part of Diamond Standard's growth and I have no doubt that he will continue to be a valuable asset to any organization he works with.
Anila Daci
Anila Daci
Director, Inventory Control & Quality Assurance at Diamond Standard
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Zoho's technology allowed Diamond Standard to launch a one of a kind, unique and highly complicated product with ease.

I knew that Zoho would be the best choice for us, especially in those early days. We needed a powerful, and cost effective solution, with impeccable customer service -- and that's just what we got.

Louis Castellano
Louis CastellanoPresident, Lakeside CNC Group
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Honestly, I was very skeptical about Zoho at the very beginning. I was disappointed by the SIMMS software, and I did not expect that Zoho would be SO different. Now I can’t imagine running my business without it.

Back in the days, I was the only person in the company who could make a price decision or approve the repair. Now the micromanagement is gone. Who won’t be happy about that?”

Nate Hormell
Nate Hormell
Director of Technology, MAG Industries Ltd.
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Dmitry and his team consistently go above and beyond. They make sure that the system works for us and our unique business model. They can take your startup to the big leagues.
Gilberto Herrera
Gilberto HerreraOwner, A Plus Electric Motor Repair, Inc.
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Before I met Dmitry, I was still using paper for everything. He showed me how business is done in the 21st century. He was able to make a website for us. Customize it and integrate it into our Zoho CRM. We are now able to receive WEB RFQs that automatically show up to our CRM. With a fancy new website, Dmitry then introduced us to Google Ads. Even with a small monthly budget, he had A Plus Electric Motor Repair's website on Google's first page! Ahead of the "bigger guys." Dmitry is very knowledgeable, and I'm very fortunate to have met him. Thanks for everything. "You a good guy."
Shane Smith
Shane SmithOwner, Managing Sweet | Australia, Victoria
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Thanks to Dmitry - He delivered way beyond my expectations. I will definitely be working on other projects with Dmitry — He's so dedicated and attentive to detail. His commitment to my project was exceptional.
Jill Warren
Jill WarrenPrincipal Owner & Design Director, Jill Warren Design
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Dmitry and his team at United Parts of Chicago have been instrumental in getting me and my team up and running on Zoho One. Before his guidance, we were honestly flailing and not using the software to it's potential.

He has helped me, a non-techy person, understand how this all works, and speaks about it in a way that just makes sense. His pricing is fair and reasonable. I intend to keep using them to implement various pieces over time, and honestly couldn't do this without him. Highly recommend.