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Zoho Flow 5 Years
23 May 2023
Exciting Zoho Flow updates are here! New features include Folders, Date Format Conversions, Advanced...
Zoho Ulaa Browser
08 May 2023
Zoho just released a new browser called Ulaa, where one of the user modes is named "Open Season." And...
Call Branding in Zoho Voice
13 March 2023
Call Branding in Zoho Voice: don't be a faceless caller, present your branded caller ID at the moment...
21 November 2022
Wordfence Premium price increase coming in December – the first since 2016. But it worth every penny....
Zoho CRM - DialPad Integration
18 November 2021
New Dialpad-Zoho integration provides Zoho CRM users with an industry-grade business phone system.
ZDialer - a Browser Plugin for Zoho Voice
04 November 2021
Meet ZDialer, a new browser extension made by Zoho for Google Chrome and Firefox. Make your calls from...
Zoho Books Bank Feeds Broken
06 October 2021
Sometimes Zoho Inventory has the strange limitations. Here's one of them.
The EasyCSV Is A Great CSV Processor That I Want to Recommend
25 October 2020
This is how the technical support should work!
Bulk Leads Import for Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaign
16 September 2020
If you have hundreds of the new leads from the third party source, where should you import them? Think...
Accounts/Contacts Synchronization in Zoho Desk Mobile
09 September 2020
The thought of writing this post came to my mind when a customer who just started using Zoho Desk Mobile...