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United Parts of Chicago is an accomplished Authorized Zoho Partner in Greater Chicago a with a demonstrated history of successful implementations. Our clientele comprises a variety of businesses ranging from SMB to SME across multiple industries.

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Remote work is the new normal. Remote work tools are a necessity and businesses must quickly adapt.

Trusted by more than 50 million users globally, Zoho offers a variety of business automation and remote work software for every type of the business.

No commitment, no card required. Create a free Zoho account by clicking the button below, and get back to us — we will assist you with the rest. Consultations are free.

Ancillary Services

We Help Businesses Solve 6 Key Problems

(actually more, but the number 6 just looks good)

Lack of Transparency

Who is working on what? Where are we? Who are these people?
— Did you send that invoice?
— What invoice?

Unpredictable Execution

You forget to nurture the new lead, overloaded by the routine tasks—many processes for the same goal.

Person-dependent Approach

An absence of a key person slows down the whole process. "She is not in the office today" is a death sentence for all today's tasks and deadlines.

Email Hell

Piling up emails in the decision maker's mailboxes. Delayed approvals.
"Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A Quick Question"

Reactive and overwhelmed

Employees are reactive rather than proactive. The constant rush. Demotivational environment. High employee turnover rate.


It just does not work without your close supervision, period. People are forced to write daily reports to show their "productivity."

to infinity for the remote work and beyond

Your goals could be any, so are the remote work tools and project deadlines.

Manage the support tickets, warranty repairs, or internal maintenance? Use Zoho DeskBill your customers on the go and automatically remind them that they have an outstanding balance on your bills? Zoho Books will replace your QuickBooks® with the most excellent convenience. Chat with your coworkers not using the distracting social messengers? Use Zoho Cliq. These are the most common examples, but there is more. 

Zoho offers 57 (and counting) SaaS business applications for every aspect of the business. Use them separately or all together under the umbrella of Zoho One subscription. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

"A goal is a dream with a deadline."

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Being small but very effective, we successfully operate in different time zones.
Zoho One manages our business processes; Zoho Desk ensures the efficacy of our helpdesk.