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Zoho FAQ

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we receive many emails, and sometimes the same questions are asked by different customers. We have gathered some of them in the form of this unofficial Zoho FAQ.

How much does Zoho cost?

Zoho offers more than 50 business applications, combined in the packages or being sold separately. Some of them are offered for free, with limited functionality.

Is Zoho Really Free?

It depends. Zoho has the free versions of many of their apps. For example, Zoho offers a fully-featured free edition of their flagship CRM software. Many other apps, like Zoho Books, are subscription-based only. But for all of the apps Zoho offers 15-day free trial, no card required.

Is My Data Safe in Zoho CRM?

Yes. Zoho had implemented a variety of the extremely strict security measures, including physical security practices and industry-grade network security protocols and procedures.

Why Is Zoho so Cheap?

Zoho is not cheap, it is precisely priced. Zoho does not spend much on advertising, that allows the company to keep the prices low. Also, Zoho offers free versions for the most popular apps.

What Is Zoho One and How Much Does It Cost?

Zoho One is a set of more than 40 enterprise-level online applications, which will revolutionize your business processes. Accounting, sales, project management, and communications between teammates: everything is more organized and effective with Zoho One. The price starts from $30 per employee per month​. Zoho One offers a free, trial, no card is required. You can try Zoho One right now.

How Can I Cancel My Zoho CRM Subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time; you will be downgraded to the free plan for the individual products of the bundle. Here is how. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any problem, we are happy to help!

Can Zoho Books Send an Invoice in the CSV Format?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. You have to use the third-party services or utilize an API access, offered by Zoho Books. We've done that task many times; if you want to export the invoices from Zoho Books in a CSV format and email them to your customers, let us know or book a free online consultation

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