3. Zoho One for the Wholesale Distribution Company


A Zoho One implementation for MAG Industries, Inc., a wholesale distribution and manufacturing company from Tyrone, Pennsylvania.

Case Study Summary

MAG Industries operates an online wholesale store based on the classic combination of WordPress and WooCommerce. Due to the company’s strict policy, the website and its catalog are accessible for registered business customers only.

MAG Industries selected Zoho One platform to serve as a backend, covering all business processes: supply chain management, sales, website management, customer onboarding, and everything in between.

We came to the project when the major components — WordPress, WooCommerce, and Zoho Inventory were already deployed and operational. So we were tasked to improve it while keeping the functional logic relatively intact, transforming the business processes one by one.

For the first phase, we developed a highly customized integration between Woocommerce and Zoho Inventory, using the series of the Zoho Flow-based triggers and independent PHP modules running at the production server. As far as we’re aware, at that moment it was the first Zoho Inventory-Woocommerce integration with disabled inventory/payment control at WooCommerce’s side.

During the second phase, we redesigned the website, modifying the interface and WooCommerce logic in accordance with the new backend.

As for now, we’re happy to confirm that the selected solution confirmed its scalability and reliability after more than one year of successful operations.