Zoho FSM: End-to-Field Service Management Software

Zoho FSM is tailored for service-oriented businesses, particularly those with vast and varied field crews. This encompasses sectors such as home services, HVAC, construction, utilities, healthcare, telecommunications, and security. Their primary hurdle is managing tasks effectively from a centralized hub, all while delivering a stellar service experience. This demands meticulous planning, ongoing oversight, and streamlined processes.
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Field Service Management: Why Zoho FSM?

Zoho FSM serves as a comprehensive field service management tool designed to oversee every facet of field service tasks, from managing customers and work orders to handling the workforce and processing invoices and payments. It integrates seamlessly with other Zoho offerings across sales, customer support, marketing, finance, and HR sectors. Such native integration empowers businesses to spend less time on management tasks and increases operational transparency. 

What Challenges Confront Field Service Professionals?

How Does Zoho FSM Enhance Field Service Operations?

One Platform to Rule Them All

Repair orders, scheduling, team management, and billing
Zoho FSM provides all the essential tools for efficient field operations management within one integrated platform.

Simplified Billing and Payments

The strength of the Zoho Finance Suite for billing operations
  • Seamlessly integrate Zoho Finance/Invoices
  • Turn work orders into branded invoices with a single click
  • Collect online payments through your favorite payment gateway

Mobile App for Field Agents

An unprecedented transparency and visibility
  • Effective communication with agents on the move
  • Access all job-related information on the go
  • Live location tracking
  • Field agents can upload notes and photos from the job site

Scalable Automation

Made with the understanding that every field service business is unique.
  • Custom fields and profiles
  • Automate repetitive tasks with workflows
  • Integrates with other Zoho and third-party applications
  • The Zoho FSM extension for Zoho CRM
  • Integration with other third-party apps using REST APIs

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Mobile App: Field Service Management on the Go

Lacking a unified communication platform disrupts seamless interactions among call center agents, managers, field technicians, and clients. Zoho FSM addresses this with a robust mobile app for field agents. This tool ensures instant access to job details, real-time location tracking, and streamlined task management. Agents can document issues, process payments, and gather client feedback on the spot, all from the app.

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As usual, Zoho offers competitive pricing for its new field service management software. Zoho FSM can be used for free if you have fewer than 30 service appointments per month. If you plan to serve 60 and more appointments monthly, the Standard edition starts from $25/month if you pay annually and $30/month if you prefer monthly payments.

Start your 14-day free trial now. After the trial, you’ll transition to a basic free plan by default; you can upgrade to a Standard plan anytime via your Zoho FSM dashboard. A complete plan comparison table is here.

Zoho FSM Free

Up to 30 appointments/month
$ 0 forever
  • Requests
  • Estimates
  • Work Orders
  • Services and Parts
  • Assets
  • Contact Management
  • Dispatch Console
  • Service Reports
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Users and Skills
  • Workflow Automation
  • APIs
  • Mobile app

Zoho FSM Free

60+ appointments/month
$ 25 /month billed annually.
  • Everything from Free Edition +
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multi-day appointments
  • Trips
  • Service Task
  • Maps and Location Tracking
  • Workforce Management
  • Custom Profiles
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Functions
  • Connections

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Zoho FSM: a Field Service Management Platform