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United Marketing Starter Package
Zoho CRM Integration with Zoho Campaigns

Zoho CRM will manage your leads. Zoho Campaigns will take care of your email marketing. This service package is tailored for the new businesses who want start their business automation journey on the right foot.

Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns

Equipping Small Businesses with the Right Tools

Implementing Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns can be overwhelming and time-consuming, particularly when you have other responsibilities to handle. It can easily become a frustrating and tiresome journey of trial and error.

We have been receiving inquiries from our customers who seek affordable implementation solutions for Zoho CRM, tailored to basic usage with the ability to add more features in the future. Introducing our United Marketing Starter implementation package, which is the ideal solution for new businesses aiming to start off on the right foot.

Every business is unique, but one thing is certain—they all possess potential and active customers, and managing these records is essential. Our Zoho implementation packages are designed to assist you in taking those crucial first steps with Zoho platform, with the complexity of customization reserved for later stages. Even with the basic configuration of Zoho CRM, you will streamline your customer management processes and drive business growth.

Start Small

Implement the basics. Get the grip on the platform, you'll see what else you need.
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You Are Here

Learn on the Fly

Use the basic configuration for some time, learn the system, plan ahead
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Phase 2


See the bottlenecks and pain points and eliminate them in the future sprints.
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Phase 3
Zoho Has 80,000,000 Users Worldwide

You Are Bound to Enjoy It

Transform Your Business

Forever Scalable Solution

Your CRM evolves as your business evolve
Anything is possible:

  • Third-party integrations
  • Blueprints
  • Automated Workflows
  • Custom Modules
  • and the list goes on

Accelerated Sales Funnel

Zoho Campaigns is an ultimate email marketing tool
Design responsive layouts, personalize messages, ensure email delivery to recipients' inboxes, initiate automated workflows, and establish connections with prospective customers

Efficient Task Management

Task and time management, simplified
Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules will organize your daily activity and remind you about the future plans. You can also integrate the Zoho CRM Calendar with your favorite calendar platform, i.e. Google or Apple Calendar.

No Contract

There's no commitment at all.
Whether you opt for the free offerings or the paid versions of Zoho products, rest assured that there are no obligations or risks involved. You have the freedom to subscribe, unsubscribe, switch your Zoho Partner, or embrace a full do-it-yourself approach whenever you desire.

What is Included

  • United Marketing Starter Implementation Package $2000

    Basic implementation of Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaign

  • Online Training Included

    Three hours of remote training in Zoho Meeting or Zoom.

An introductory meeting with one of our experts to determine if this package is a good fit for you
By signing the implementation agreement you are giving us a green light to proceed.
We gather the required information and perform the basic implementation in accordance with the agreement
A series of the online training sessions will ensure that you can use the new platform. You decide on the time.
Zoho CRM
  • Organization Set Up
    Domain mapping, SPD/DKIM records, business hours, users, standard user profiles and roles, organization-level emails.
  • Leads Module Customization
    Custom fields, layouts, and views to incorporate your leads data structure.
  • Contacts / Accounts Modules Customization
    Custom fields, layouts, and conversion mapping
  • Deals Module Customization
    Custom fields, layouts, conversion mapping, one pipeline
  • Data Import
    If you already have some Leads or Contacts to import, we’ll take your CSV files and import them into Zoho CRM
  • Web Forms
    Webforms are placed on your website to gather the incoming requests and save them as Leads in Zoho CRM
  • Remote Training
    Three hours of remote training in Zoho Meeting or Zoom.
Zoho Campaigns
  • Organization Set Up
    Domain mapping, deliverability,. SPF/DKIM, senders, organization details and policies
  • Contact Fields Customization
    To match your CRM Leads and Contacts at the field level
  • Integration with Zoho CRM
    Your CRM Leads and Contacts will be synchronized with the corresponding Mailing List
  • Header and Footer
    A custom structure to incorporate your organization data into every email
  • Website Subscription Form
    Capture and collect contact information from website visitors who are interested in receiving email updates
  • Remote Training
    Three hours of remote training in Zoho Meeting or Zoom.

Anything else can be added later at any time. Just ask.

Let's Talk

As a Zoho Advanced Partner, we possess the expertise to address all of your business requirements, no matter how complex they may be.

Contact us today to experience our friendly no-risk onboarding process.

United Marketing Starter