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"I hired United Parts of Chicago and I was beyond satisfied. Their work ethic and integrity is impeccable. The overall result was excellent!! Highly recommended!" was released in March, 2019

Zorbas Nutrition


This Shopify-based e-commerce website is our most Greek-themed project. Don Zorbas, a Diet Consultant, award-winning writer, and coach, created a line of nutritional supplements with product names derived from ancient Greek mythology. Of course, we could not resist the urge to went all Greek in the design. 

What We Did

The Art of Shopify

As of today (May 2022), Shopify currently has the largest e-commerce platform market share in the USA, with 32 percent of online businesses using it to sell their goods online. It’s well-known for its low-code approach, where you could create a working e-commerce site in a matter of days or even faster. You know, those point-and-click website builders.

However, Zorbas Nutrition’s Shopify store has many customizations. To align the store design with the existing product branding, we deeply customized the Shopify theme. The font called “Demosfen Regular” was supplied by Paratype®, and many other high-quality digital assets were licensed to provide a distinguished look.

All the product images were shot in-house by United Parts using a 24-megapixel Nikon DSLR with a professional lightbox.

Zorbas Nutrition - Zeus whey isolate protein supplement

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