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Website Capabilities: Integration with Zoho One Large Online Catalog Lead Management Secure Online Payments Repair Order Management Generates ~80% of the new leads since 2016

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Lakeside CNC Group — macbookpro, 1st version released in 2016

Lakeside CNC Group, Inc.

A WordPress-based business website for Lakeside CNC Group, Inc.,  an industrial automation company from Bensenville, Illinois. The main advantage of this website is that it is tightly integrated with Zoho One. 

What We Did

Zoho — WordPress Integration

The integration is king. We have implemented all the necessary Zoho One applications so the website became a part of the business processes.

WordPress - Zoho Integration
Zoho - WordPress Integration

Zoho Books manages the website’s FANUC parts catalog, so there is no need to log in to WordPress and use the relatively complicated WooCommerce interface to update thousands of the units. 

All the website forms (quotation, email, RMA request) integrated with Zoho One (CRM + many other Zoho apps) that manages the leads, giving the Lakeside a full, detailed picture. 

A Repair Order Tracker provides the status for any existing repair order by its number, eliminating the manual checks for the front desk operators. 

We have a detailed case study describing Zoho One implementation for Lakeside CNC Group, Inc.

Zoho Customer Portals

The website has two separate Zoho-powered portals. The first one, a Financial Portal powered by Zoho Books, works as a quotation/invoice management platform. The second one, a Service Portal, is a home for the customer-accessible repair orders. 

Lakeside CNC Group, Inc. Customer Portal

The New Version

Time goes by; the first version that has been deployed in March, 2016. The web is a fast-paced environment, where four years is a whole geological epoch. A completely new version has been released in May, 2022. 

Lakeside CNC Group, Inc. website, v.2 was released in 2022

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