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"I hired Mr. Dmitry Skylark and I was beyond satisfied. His work ethic and integrity is impeccable. The overall result was excellent!! Highly recommended!", as it was released in 2019

DZ BootCamp & Nutrition


How to make a good website for the fitness center? This one can be the right answer! A rare example of the integration between WordPress and MINDBODY. MINDBODY provides cloud-based online scheduling and other business management software for the wellness services industry.

The client, DZ BootCamp fitness center of Streamwood, Illinois, uses MINDBODY to manage their business. Don Zorbas, the owner, also employs the Trainerize app to provide the remote training service. Our task was to integrate all of them with a WordPress-based website, providing a comprehensive fitness center management solution.

The website runs on The Gem, a WordPress theme by CodexThemes. A custom design utilizes two primary colors: bright pink and black, creating a distinctive fresh look.  A custom-made video meets the customers on the front page. The whole website is loading fast, while it is 100% compatible with any device, from smartphones to the big 30″ PC monitors. One of the key advantages is that the main content, like the fitness class schedule and the list of team members, is managed by the MINDBODY.

What We Did

WordPress — MINDBODY Integration

Fitness is a tough business. You are dealing with the people and their health, which is always a complicated matter. With all the assumed simplicity of the process (you’ve got the space, the equipment, and there we go), it is complicated.

The fitness management software should take a lot of the workload from the owner’s shoulders, allowing the owner to do their primary job: to manage the business.

After thoughtful consideration, the decision to use MINDBODY® (all capitals is the correct way to spell their brand) as the backbone of the whole business has been made. It has to be capable of taking care of all the required paperwork, managing the existing customers, accepting the new leads, gathering the membership payments, and a lot of other required capabilities.

Unlike most gyms here at DZ Bootcamp we have a 3 step formula that helps turn fitness into a permanent lifestyle. Health, habits and happiness.

We teach and instruct our customers how to embark on a consistent training and healthy eating program. In other words, our mantra is fitness with no expiration date 😉

The MINDBODY platform manages two critical sections of the website: the class schedule and the team members list. That way, any employee who has access to the MINDBODY back-end can make all the necessary changes — and these changes will be immediately reflected on the website. As no one is needed to dive into WordPress and edit the content, it simplifies content management and reduces the total cost of ownership.

The MINDBODY widgets were customized as well, so they fit the website design, not looking heterogenous and out of the blue. 

Moreover, having MINDBODY in charge of all the back-end logic eliminates the necessity of managing the client’s accounts through WordPress. When it comes to the personal and financial data, the MINDBODY is safer and better protected than WordPress, so we’ve got a perfect match. 

DZ BootСamp accepts all the payments through the secure MINDBODY payment gateway. For more than one year in service, we had zero complaints about the overall system’s functionality.

WordPress — Trainerize Integration


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