Happy New Year 2024

TL;DR: Today was the last working day in 2023. Welcome to 2024!

Happy New Year!

As the curtain falls on this year and we ready ourselves to greet the newcomer, I find myself musing over one of the most significant feats in our saga as a Zoho Partner: watching our customers grow. Despite all the inflation, socio-economical challenges, ups and downs, sometimes against all odds, they do grow. And that entrepreneurial spirit behind their growth is contagious: our revenue growth in 2023 is over 120%.

Concluding this annum on an upbeat note, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each of our patrons, the guardians of their stores, the sentinels of warehouses, the diligent clerks, the CEOs, the CTOs, and everyone else cloaked in cryptic three-letter abbreviations. They’ve provided us with tales worth narrating and lessons worth learning. Thank you all, and happy New Year to all of you.

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