Zoho Billing - a subscription management software

TL;DR: Discover Zoho Billing, the evolutionary leap from Zoho Subscriptions, designed to streamline billing processes and catalyze your business growth with innovative advancements tailored for all business sizes.

Zoho Billing: an Indispensable Subscription Management Software

Breaking news: Zoho unveils Zoho Billing, a comprehensive billing solution designed to simplify billing processes for businesses of all sizes. Evolving from Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Billing introduces significant billing capabilities advancements tailored to empower your business’s growth.

Zoho Billing facilitates pricing experiments and streamlines billing for one-time charges, subscriptions, projects, and expenses, handling everything from creating quotes to revenue collection.

  • Flexible Product Management: Experiment freely with various pricing strategies and packaging options.
  • Versatile Billing Methods: Set fixed project completion costs or bills based on project, task, or staff hours.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, ACH, banking, cash, and checks.
  • 50+ Reporting Options: Access a wide range of reports, from consolidated views of unpaid transactions to detailed subscription metrics such as net revenue, MRR, churn rate, ARPU, LTV, and cohort analysis.
  • Comprehensive Integrations: A robust suite of prebuilt integrations connects front-office and back-office tools, offering a unified workspace for all your tasks.

If you already use Zoho Subscriptions, rest assured that your account history, transactions, records, and workflows will remain intact, with no changes to your current plan’s features.

Are you interested in learning more about how Zoho Billing can enhance your business operations? Feel free to contact us! We use Zoho Billing by ourselves, and we’ll gladly share our experience and knowledge.

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