Zoho Trident

TL;DR: Celebrating the 15th anniversary of @Zoho Mail, @Zoho unveiled a new workspace application, called Trident, for everyone.

Zoho Trident

Introducing Trident by Zoho: the Ultimate Workplace Companion

As Zoho celebrates the 15th anniversary of Zoho Mail, a milestone that marks a journey of innovation and commitment, we’re excited to introduce a Zoho Workspace’s latest offering: Trident. This comprehensive desktop app is designed to redefine your professional experience, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced productivity within the Zoho ecosystem.

A Year in the Making

Before its public release, Trident underwent rigorous beta testing for an entire year. I was one of the early beta testers, too. Many issues were resolved, many features were added. Trident, as an app that combines the functionality of multiple separate application, requires some paradigm shift from its users — but it worth the effort. 

Core Features of Trident

Unified Inbox: One of the standout features of Trident is its ability to consolidate multiple email accounts into a single interface. This unified inbox ensures that you can manage and access all your communications effortlessly, regardless of their source. For example, think your personal Gmail and business Zoho Mail.

Always Connected: Whether you’re on a plane, in a remote location, or simply in an area with spotty internet, Trident’s offline mail feature ensures you’re never out of touch. Compose emails offline and have them sync automatically once you’re back online.

Advanced Search Capabilities: Ever struggled to find an old email? I can related; the searth in Zoho Mail is far from perfection, to say the least. Trident’s enhanced search feature boasts over 50 parameters, allowing you to pinpoint emails with unmatched accuracy.

Integrated Communication Tools: In today’s remote work era, effective communication tools are paramount. Trident consolidates chats, calls, and meetings into one platform, ensuring that whether you’re working from home, the office, or anywhere in between, you’re always in sync with your team.

Efficient Multitasking: Trident’s integration with various Zoho and third-party applications means you can access crucial data and functions without ever leaving your email interface. From checking a WorkDrive file to updating a lead’s details, everything is just a click away.

Smart Features for the Modern Professional

Smart Mail: Say goodbye to toggling between apps and tabs. With Trident’s Smart Mail feature, actionable data from Zoho services like Desk, Projects, Connect, and WorkDrive is directly integrated into your inbox. This means direct actions, such as editing task details or collaborating on a project, can be done right from your email.

Smart Flow and Assistant: Trident is not just an app; it’s a workspace. With Smart Flow, you can drag and drop data like contacts, files, and URLs across modules. The Smart Assistant, on the other hand, acts as your digital aide, offering quick commands and intelligent suggestions to streamline your tasks.

Uncompromised Security

At Zoho, user privacy and data security are not just features; they’re promises. Trident upholds this commitment with robust security features like Encryption and App Lock, ensuring your data remains protected from prying eyes.


Trident is a step forward compared to a familiar suite of separate apps. While it requires some time to get used to it, I believe that Trident will effectively replace your separate desktop clients for Zoho Cliq, and Zoho Mail, saving many seconds on switching between them back and forth. The current version of Zoho Mail can also be integrated with Zoho Cliq, but Trident does it way better. Oh, and it looks way better with a more polished, modern UI. 

Of course, being a new application, Trident has some drawbacks. For example, it does not support the Zoho CRM widget (Zoho Mail does). But I am sure that Zoho will prioritize Trident’s development, gradually adding the features from the existing Zoho Mail client. 

Trident is now available for all paid Mail, Workplace, and Zoho One customers. 

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