Zoho Ulaa Browser

TL;DR: Zoho just released a new browser called Ulaa, where one of the user modes is named "Open Season." And it is FAST.

Zoho Ulaa Browser

Just like any healthy ecosystem, Zoho’s world is constantly evolving. This is the very first time when Zoho released… a web browser! Yes, you heard that right.

Zoho has recently unveiled Ulaa, a new web browser that provides privacy, security, and speed. The browser is available for major desktop and mobile operating systems and can be downloaded from the official website or from the iOS and Android mobile stores.

Ulaa is built on the Chromium platform and competes directly with other Chromium-based browsers that prioritize privacy, security, and usability. The Ulaa browser interface is similar to that of other Chromium browsers, with a tab bar at the top and a main toolbar below that features an address bar, navigation buttons, a main menu link, extension icons, and other important icons. With many tracking features disabled by default, Ulaa delivers excellent web compatibility and performance compared to its less privacy-oriented look-alikes.

Honestly, it looks great:

  • No data sent to third parties
  • No push client channel updates
  • No metrics reporting
  • No motion sensors
  • No third-party account integration
  • No network time tracker
  • No lookalike URL navigation suggestions
  • No serial API
  • No DNS prefetching
  • DuckDuckGo is the default search engine, yay!

Zoho has implemented various features in the browser or disabled problematic ones to ensure privacy and security. For instance, Ulaa’s built-in ad blocker blocks ads and other annoyances by default. Additionally, Zoho has promised not to sell user data or engage in tracking or surveillance. The company has also implemented a 24-hour security patch policy and configured the browser to update automatically.

One unique feature of Ulaa is its browser modes. The browser supports five different modes that users can switch between:

  • work mode
  • developer mode
  • personal mode
  • kids mode
  • open season mode

I especially like the last mode’s name and icon (you’ll see). 

Each mode is optimized for specific tasks to provide an optimized browsing experience. For example, work mode blocks distracting ads and pop-ups to boost productivity, while developer mode is designed for professional web developers and testers and displays extension suggestions on start.

It’s not a surprise that Ulaa has been integrated with various functionalities, including Zoho’s Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication system, allowing users to log in securely to any Zoho application without the need for manual login every time. Additionally, Ulaa’s browser modes have been integrated with Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered unified search system for Zoho apps, offering a seamless and efficient user experience. These integrations demonstrate Ulaa’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and unified user experience while maintaining its core focus on privacy and security.

Bottom line: being a privately owned company, Zoho has more control over its operations, including data privacy and security policies, which are paramount for its customers. Zoho does not have to worry about meeting the expectations of shareholders or public investors.

This control ensures that they can maintain high security and privacy standards, which are essential for their customers’ trust and loyalty. So I am confident that the new browser will have a good start and long product life — at least among 80,000,000 Zoho users.

Download Zoho Ulaa Browser

Download Zoho Ulaa from the official website: https://ulaa.zoho.com

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