The EasyCSV Is A Great CSV Processor That I Want to Recommend

TL;DR: This is how the technical support should work!

EasyCSV Is A Great CSV Processor That I Want to Recommend

If You Are Looking for a Good CSV Importer, Look No Further

In the era when anyone tries to reduce the operational expenses by outsourcing the technical support, even the Big Names that we all know, meeting excellent customer service online is a rare occurrence.

Last week, when I was exploring the available CSV service online, the one named EasyCSV popped up on Google. I didn’t hear that name before.

According to their website, “EasyCSV enables you to upload CSV & Google spreadsheets for anything.” So I’ve tried the most straightforward workflow, using Zapier and EasyCSV to generate the CSV based on the Zoho Books invoice. During the test run, I’ve hit some wall, so I went to EasyCSV support to see what they can do.

It turned out that they can do a lot. Answering my request, they went above and beyond for me, the first-time customer, and that was truly impressive. They have resolved my issue, responding via email the very next day. They have amended their online documentation. They have published a screencast video that explains what to do to other customers with similar questions. All that within less than 24 hours. And it helped us a lot.

That worked far better than the support from the top-level IT brands; a gentleman named Max was an accurate representation of what the technical support should be.

So kudos to you, guys. Whenever we need a good third-party CSV processor, the EasyCSV will be the first candidate to consider.

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