TL;DR: Wordfence Premium price increase coming in December – the first since 2016. But it worth every penny.

WordFence Price Increase

Hello to everyone reading this, we hope you are doing well!

We have been notified that WordFence, a security plugin that most of my customers happen to use for websites increasing their prices starting December 5th. This means that the yearly cost of WordFence Premium will go from $99 to $119. Wordfence themselves state that “Customers with legacy pricing below the $99 base price will see their renewal prices increase by 20.2 percent.”

There have been significant improvements made to level this price change — more options, better security, faster execution. We strongly encourage you, as a customer, to keep on using WordFence as it is a powerful tool in security and preventing malicious activity on your website. The fee is most definitely worth it considering the impact it makes on your website security. Last but not least: our crmforyourbusiness.com is using WordFence, too! 

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