Zoho CRM - DialPad Integration

TL;DR: New Dialpad-Zoho integration provides Zoho CRM users with an industry-grade business phone system.

A Native Integration Between DialPad and Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM and its application layer, Zoho PhoneBridge, are offering plenty of attractive PBX integrations. Now we’ve got one more: an integration between Dialpad, an industry-grade business phone system, and Zoho CRM. Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered messaging, announced its integration with Zoho CRM, the famous platform that powers 250,000+ businesses worldwide, on November 16, 2021.

The DialPad-Zoho integration provides the following key features:

  • quick access to Dialpad from inside Zoho CRM without all the tab switching
  • Automatic call logging
  • Instant profile syncing

Compared to Zoho Voice (a PBX platform released by Zoho in the first quarter of 2021), the DialPad implies a different paradigm and offers more. DialPad provides seamless integration with the voice services, just as Zoho Voice does, but it also presents a rich selection of the extra features:

Zoho Voice obviously wins when it comes to the simplicity and the speed of integration, but DialPad is an uncompromised winner in terms of functionality. It sounds promising, and we’re going to give the new integration between Zoho CRM and DialPad a test run in the nearest future.

Read more at dialpad.com

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