Template-Driven Document Automation in Zoho Writer

Template-Driven Document Automation in Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer offers businesses a solution that eliminates the repetitive manual work involved in creating and signing contracts, proposals, and customized marketing templates.

Every business deals with the papers. Upon the cheap printers’ availability, we produce more paperwork than it was in the “computerless” time. In many cases, these documents are created manually by direct input from the operator. That process is very time-consuming and has much space for human-generated errors.

Today, Zoho brought a new Writer’s feature called “Prepare Template,” simplifying the process of the creation of the template. Honestly, that process was, uhm, not user friendly by all the extents.

In addition to the “Prepare Template” option, Zoho Writer now has native Merge Fields. These fields can be placed across your template wherever customized data is needed — such as names, company addresses, or barcodes. These fields can be mapped with the respective fields in your data source.

So the Writer, being powerful enough to be used in a variety of business document automation scenarios, got even better. Zoho users and fellow software implementation consultants could read the full announcement at Zoho’s website

If your business needs some relief from the manual data input (reports, letters, receipts) and you want to save hundreds of hours — let me know: we can help with that, along with the Zoho implementation in general.

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